Summer Reading Program Events

Imagine your story.  This summer…we are going to have fun telling it!

Due to the circumstances in which we all find ourselves, programs will be geared for families this year.  We have tried to make sure that the programs are something that all members can participate, and we hope that you will enjoy what we have put together for you during this time.  You might also notice that we are starting summer reading a few weeks earlier than we would normally have done in the past.  We felt, with the situation, this was the year to do just that.

A few things to know ahead of time:  registration will not be required this year, but it is appreciated (for end of the summer statistics).  If you would like to let us know that you are participating in the events without posting or sharing on our Facebook page, we do understand.  A form (like a bingo sheet) with the events we are planning will be posted on the website soon so that you can mark off the events in which you and your family have taken part in this summer.  A separate sheet will be there as well for you to write down titles of books that you and your children read or listened to over the summer.  This year you may read books from home, you can write down the titles to the ones you listen to through TumbleBooks or through the library’s website.  And, watch for those mystery items we will be posting in videos…those will be clues to upcoming events.

Summer Reading begins Monday, May 4th at Long Beach Public Library and will continue through July 3rd.  All events are listed below on the calendar and any updates (like new links, craft sites, etc.) will be updated a week prior to the events.  Click here for a printable “bingo” sheet of events that you and your family can mark off after participating in them.  For a printable title sheet, click here.  And for a printable Reading Bingo Sheet, click here.If you have any questions, please email me.


Events in July 2020