Computer and Internet Use Policy

The Long Beach Public Library provides its patrons free access to the use of  public computers with Internet and Microsoft Office Basic package.  Headphones are provided at the front desk and at the desk in the children’s area for programs with sound.  We really want you to use these computers (that’s why we have them), but we do have some policies you need to adhere to in order to do so.

The Internet can be a dangerous place for ANY age – especially our children.  Please remember that Long Beach Public Library complies with the Children’s Internet Protect Act (CIPA) and its standards by having all of its Internet access computers equipped with filtering software.  Adults (18 years and older) may request that a site be unblocked; however, that request may be denied if it does not comply with our policy. 

All patrons wishing to use their library card or temporary pass for Internet access must sign a user agreement form stating they have read the Computer and Internet Policy for Long Beach Public Library.  A parent’s or legal guardian’s signature must be included on forms for any child under the age of 18.

To use the computers, your card must be free from fines or overdue items.  Temporary passes for use of the Internet are issued to adults for one month, but it is only for computer use.  Teenagers who are 16 years of age may use the computers in the main wing but only if they have a permanent library card signed by their parent or legal guardian.  Children (ages 5 – 15) are allowed to use the computers in the children’s wing, but we must first have a parent’s or legal guardian’s authorization if they are under the age of 18.  A legal guardian must show proof of guardianship.

Our public access computers are self service.  At the sign in screen, type in your first name, last name, and full library card number. (Don’t forget to put a space after the P!)  Then click on Login.  If you are using a temporary pass, type in your barcode ONLY, then click on Guest Login.  Computer use is limited to sessions of three hours.  You’ll notice a window to the top right when you sign in that lets you know how many minutes you have left in your session.  We are happy to extend your time if no one else is waiting (Please don’t power down the computer).

You are encouraged to use your best judgment when filling out forms or sharing personal information. We cannot guarantee privacy, safety or security.  While the library makes every effort to maintain the security of its computers, no system is fool proof.  Additionally, the library cannot guarantee the authenticity of any web site.  Our library staff can help guide you to a website, but we can’t help you fill out forms (especially forms that contain personal information). You may want to bring a friend to help you out.  Library staff cannot control access points that change rapidly and unpredictably.  Library staff cannot control the speed of Internet access during times of peak Internet usage. 

We provide wireless internet. Guests and patrons are welcome to bring their own laptop or wireless device and use any of our seating areas to take advantage of this service.  You are encouraged to use good judgment when using a public wireless system, as no system is absolutely secure.  Again, we cannot guarantee privacy, safety or security.  However, please remember our staff is not trained to work on your personal laptops or devices and is not expected to do so.

While we are happy you are here to use the computers and wireless access, remember you are in a public library.  Therefore, pornographic and nude images are strictly prohibited; both on the public access computers and while using our wireless internet. This one is really important. Please keep in mind that not all sites are appropriate to view in public places.  If you are talking to others sitting next to you, please remember to keep the volume low and your words clean.

Printing is allowed on all computers located in the adult computer area, and on eight of the computers in the children’s wing.  Prints are .20 per page and can be retrieved at the front desk.  If you need help, a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.  Color prints are not available.

Information cannot be saved on the hard drive of the computers.  We ask that you save files or documents to your own personal flash drives for your security.  Due to privacy issues, we cannot loan you flash drives. 

We know you are just as happy as we are that we have public access computers and wireless service. But rules are rules, right? So here’s a quick rundown of “do nots” to help keep everyone safe and happy and our system in good working order:

You may not:

  • Obstruct another patron’s work or be disruptive to other patrons while using the computers.  This includes talking on cell phones.
  • Damage computer equipment or software or alter the library’s software configuration.
  • Gain access to the library’s networks or computer systems and/or use computers to deliberately destroy or damage any other library computer system  application.
  • Violate software licensing agreements or the U.S. Copyright Law.
  • Engage in any activity that is deliberately and maliciously offensive, libelous or slanderous.
  • Visit sites that are pornographic or display nudity.
  • Let another person (including members of your household) use your library card.
  • Power down the computers for ANY reason.
  • Have food or drinks of any kind around the library owned computers.
  • With the exception of flash drives, plug any type of storage devices (phones, MP3 players, etc.) into the library’s computers.

Breaking any of these rules will result in one warning.  A repeat offense will result in the patron’s computer privileges being revoked.