Frequently Asked Questions/Instructions

How do I place a hold on books?

You may email a request for a hold to be placed on a book by doing the following:

  1. Click on “PLACE HOLD” at the end of these instructions.
  2. Enter “hold on (insert title)” in subject field.
  3. In the text field of your email, include your name, library card number, title and author of book, plus any information specific to that hold.  (Example:  If you only want the audio cassette version, you could enter “AC only”.)
  4. You will receive an acknowledgement of your request within 48 hours.

How do I request a book through Interlibrary Loan?

  1. You may email a request for interlibrary loan materials by doing the following:
    Click on “REQUEST ILL” at the end of these instructions.
  2. In subject field of email:
    a. Enter “ILL request for Library” (if you are another library requesting material from  us).
    b.Enter “ILL request for Patron” (if you are a patron wishing us to request material from another library).
  3. Include in the text of your email to following applicable items:
    • your library’s name, address, phone, and contact person (if you entered “ILL request for Library”).
    • your name, phone number (if you entered “ILL request for Patron”), and library card number.
    • the date, title/subject, and author of the material.
    • the type of material you are requesting (book, video, large print, dvd, audio, other).
    • any specific information to that title (Example:  If you only want large print, please specify.).
    • whether you wish us to search outside of Harrison County Library System if we cannot find it there.
    • PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE FROM OUR INTERLIBRARY LOAN LIBRARIAN.  By submitting this email,  I understand that shipping payments will be due when the materials are checked out.  If payment is not made then the book will be returned to the loaning library and my library card will be charged.  Books ordered from the Harrison County Library System are free of charge.
  4. You will receive an acknowledgement of your request within 48 hours.